About Us

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Happy Jack History

Jack is enthusiastic and happy about life. He has made it his professional mission to build personal relationships with his customers. Jack makes friends easily and instills this natural ability into his business approach, which includes sending a small gift to each customer upon first purchase. He starts building the relationship from the very start; and Happy Jack customers do return.

The beginnings of what would become Happy Jack started in 1980 when Jack was unemployed and looking for opportunity. It arrived in the form of selling special vacuum cleaners that removed metal chips from machines. He would go out at night and stand at the back door of machine shops. He was feet on the ground – selling long before the Internet arrived. He grew his business to five salespeople and an assistant and over time expanded his products.

In 2022, Jack retired from his business but held onto one product – the internal concrete vibrator – which he continues to specialize in and sells directly to consumers and to organizations as a distributor. A family-run business, Happy Jack’s mission statement is “to create highly satisfied customers by supplying them with products that perform well, are superior quality and value, and are backed by excellent service.”

Happy Jack Since 1992 Logo Black Circle with yellow in the middle | Concrete Vibrator | HappyJack.com | Since 1992

Happy Jack Values

Happy Jack is a completely website-based business now; meaning the quality of the customer interaction with the site is paramount to business success. You will find it easy to use, find your internal concrete vibrator piece, and check out. We supply first-rate quality pieces manufactured by Northrock Industries, Inc. at a competitive or lower price than you can find elsewhere. Items bought are shipped directly from the manufacturer and are shipped in one to two business days.

Happy Jack Excellence

Happy Jack strives for excellence in all regards: website use, quick receipt of parts, and all-around customer service. The quality products sold through this site are for internal concrete vibrators, which are manufactured in the USA by Northrock since 1992. Your product satisfaction is guaranteed, or you get your money back upon return of the product.